If the camera lens has a protective film, remove it before you scan the QR code.


Adjust the angle and distance until you hear a prompt. .

) Go to the “+” button in the Google Home app homescreen to set up a new device.


• Interworking of multiple smart devices. Users can directly scan the QR code to download the app and enjoy a smart life. • Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home.


Feb 10, 2022 · This user manual provides step-by-step instructions for the Tuya Smart IP Camera, including downloading the app, registering, logging in, and adding the device through QR code net-pairing or Wi-Fi connection. Tuya Smart. Formal version.

Click Confirm in the app. 1.


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. Generated QR code by Tuya Homebridge plugin.

If it is a battery camera,. .

Tuya Smart.
Open with your default browser.



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Open with your default browser. When the mobile phone connecting to Wi-Fi, click “Add Device” (figure 1)on the Home of the App, select “Security & Video Surveillance” (figure 2)→ “Smart Camera”, click “next step” (figure 3). This includes setting up motion detection, night vision, and other features. Enter Wi-Fi account and password, click “Confirm” (figure 4). Then, to log in to the. .


. Scanning Code Network Configuration Devices.


4GHz Wi-Fi and doesn't support special characters in the password.


KS-7012 Smart Dimmer Switch.